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The team of realtors at Jimbo2, LLC provides the highest quality of investment services, marketing and sales for residential, commercial and agricultural real estate in Chesterfield, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.  We are dedicated to customizing the specific approach that is right for each property we take on.  Our realtors will work with you to get the most out of your property and ensure the highest possible sale.  Contact us today!
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Residential | Commercial | Agricultural Real Estate

A Comprehensive Real Estate Approach
Whether its using an income approach for commercial or agricultural property, or a cost of construction combined with local comparable's for residential properties; knowing the market climate and setting reasonable expectations is critical. 

Knowing what alternatives are available is what comes with experience.  The use of 1031 tax free exchanges, re-establishing credit through the 1224 program, and commission-free sales by a highest competitive bid are examples of what we can offer. 

Purchase (Buy) / Accumulate 

More money is made on the purchase than the sale.  If you do not buy right, it is very difficult to make a bad investment good on the sale. 

Sell / Divest

Knowing the current market and setting a reasonable sale price is more important when marketing your property.  Understanding price points, creating competition for your property will increase sales activity. 
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